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There is a plethora of helpful information on ways to endure, manage, or live with bipolar or how to support those who suffer from it. You will find a very different form of information being touched on here. What you will find is information that goes deep to the core of the Human Element, and where to start the process for HOW to conquer it naturally. I speak from my own personal experience with Bipolar.
"Everything Starts in the Brain"
To get to the root of bipolar or any other human condition, it is important to employ the power of a question and to do so in the light of reverse engineering. In this case take the condition and its symptoms and work backwards for the purpose of uncovering each element along the way down to the root. After employing various medications with limited results, I was encouraged to employ this concept.
Here is an example of how this was employed that opened the door of understanding for me leading to my conquering bipolar. After employing various medications or pharmaceuticals over a period of time but did not result in the desired results, I was asked, "So you went to the doctor in Texas and found that you are dealing with an imbalance in hormone levels, correct? Do you know why your hormones levels are down?" Then it was pointed out to me, "You have to work backwards from the obvious symptom to get to the root. If they are giving you something to take care of what is missing, why is it missing? What is responsible for the production of hormones?"
That was the essence of the line of questions. In addition to my hormones levels being a mess, I was also dealing with severe muscle fatigue and headaches, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), along with the bipolar. So, it was clear that whatever was wrong was at a very deep level. This is when a key element was revealed, when he said, "everything starts in the brain." Unless you start there, it is not possible to get the results you desire because you are not working from the foundation. You can't fix your organs if your hormones are not in balance. You can't get your hormones in balance if your brain chemistry is not in balance. You can't get your brain in balance unless you know the status of your brain chemistry. If you start there and bring balance, then you allow the natural process to kick in and you allow the brain to orchestrate all that happens in the rest of your body and all of your efforts will be from a balanced foundation." Here is the BIG question... "Do you know the status of your brain chemistry?"
Most will shy away from subjects related to the brain as it is perceived to be too complicated to understand. While it is undeniable that the brain is extremely complex, gaining a basic understanding of certain key elements will empower anyone doing so to empower themselves with why they are where they are mentally, emotionally and physically.
There are 4 core elements known as neurotransmitters that play a role in everything. They are as follows:
Dopamine - Acetylcholine - GABA - Serotonin
Each plays a very specific assignment in our thought process and bodily functions. It is important to know where we are in order to get where we want to go. Knowing the status of your brain neurotransmitters, otherwise known as "Natures", is crucial in conquering any mood imbalance.
The status of your brain's biochemicals can be determined by means of an Inner World Nature Assessment through Inner world Systems. In addition to acquiring this information, it is important to understand that bipolar is not something that suddenly appeared. A natural process of events and elements lined up culminating in the condition. Learning how to work with nature will be very important is equally important to be able to conquer this condition. It is a process, and everyone is different in how this process unfolds. However, the steps and layers to address are very much the same.
There are 4 areas that should be considered when desirous of making any lasting transformation in life.
1) How the Mind works
2) What Natural Laws are in play
3) How Energy works
4) How Frequency works
Here are the basic steps one needs to address to engage the natural process:
1 - Develop Nature Awareness (Bringing balance to all 4 through awareness and implementation of following steps)
2 - Supplementation (Initially focusing on nature deficiencies)
3 - Diet Adjustments (Initially related to our deficiencies)
4 - Mind Development Programs (Learning how the mind works)
5 - Reset Goals (Review and re-establish intentions)
6 - Writing & Affirmations (Enhance existing desirable conditions/Establish new habits and self beliefs)
7 - Lifestyle (Shift in habits Incorporate Step 4 & Conscious choices to alter ones daily activities)
8 - Movement Triggers (Designed to encourage healthy thinking and general sense of well being)
9 - Accountability process (Find 1 or 2 people to support your efforts)
10 - Reassess in 6 Months (Seeing progress helps continue momentum and reveals needed adjustments)
Watch for more articles expanding upon this information.
Good Health To You!
Scott LaDoucer invites you to examine his book containing his journey and discoveries and how he conquered Bipolar and avail yourself of the "Revolutionary Insights" that changed his life. The Book is entitled "How I Conquered Bipolar - Naturally" with a subtitle "What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You and May Not Know" (Beyond Medicine)


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