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Male ejaculation seems like a pretty simple thing. However, it's a fairly complex process that only really gets investigated when problems like ED pop up. Every man should know the interworking of what needs to happen and what then occurs when men climax to have a better knowledge of self. Male ejaculation happens as the result of a series of steps involving multiple parts of the body (not just the penis!) working together. Let's break down what happens from soup to nuts (pun completely intended) when a man gets that special feeling and he wants to get it on.
Male Ejaculation Step One: Arousal
Whether he's walking down the street, at dinner with a date, or just home alone, the whole process begins at arousal. The man hears, sees, or feels something that gets Barry White to start singing in his brain, and then the brain sends a sexy telegram down the spinal cord to the sex organs which then fill with blood causing an erection. The scrotum then pulls in toward the body as tension in the general area intensifies which is why some men feel their heartbeat in their privates when they get hard.
Fun fact: In the process of getting an erection, blood goes up to 50 times faster than its normal speed to spring a man's member to life.
All of this action is fueled by testosterone, a hormone responsible for sex drive and is produced in the testicles. While we're visiting the testicles, let's remember that's where millions of sperm are made each day and once they mature they mingle with white, protein-rich fluids which keep them safe and healthy until male ejaculation. This little man sauce is commonly known as semen.
Male Ejaculation Step Two: Plateau
This is the stage in which a man prepares to climax and can last up to two minutes. Muscle tension in the genitals increases even more and spontaneous body movements, predominantly in the pelvis, begin to take over. A man's heart rate also surges to 150 to 175 beats per minute. Pre-cum, a clear fluid, may also make an appearance from the head of the penis. This is not only signals that arousal is high and climax is nearing, but biologically changes the pH balance of the urethra to improve sperm survival.
This stage is commonly identified by phrases like "Don't stop," and praise to a higher universal being.
Male Ejaculation Step Three: Climax or Orgasm
There are two parts to orgasm. The first is emission and the second is ejaculation. In emission, a man reaches what can only be known as "ejaculatory inevitability," and known colloquially as the point of no return. Semen has made its way up the urethra and is ready to meet the world. Male ejaculation happens in a series of intense contractions in both the penile muscles and at the base of the anus. Involuntary thrusting has also been known to happen in this stage. At the end of this, the nerves in the penis send a love note back to the brain telling it to feel pleasure.
Male Ejaculation Step Four: Resolution and Refraction
Now that the confetti has been thrown, the party starts to die down. The penis empties of blood and the erection retreats. Tension fades which causes many men to feel sleepy or at minimum, a little drowsy and looking for a nap.
After resolution, men enter a period of time called the refractory period in which the penis calms and cannot be roused for a second round for a bit. The refractory period can last a few minutes to nearly an entire day depending on age and health.
Fun Fact: Women can experience multiple orgasms and still stay aroused and don't have a refractory period. That's something to consider when preparing for amore.
Male Ejaculation: Keeping the Member Ready to Go!
A healthy diet, regular exercise, stress release, and regular erections are all great ways to achieve high-level penis health. Another way is to incorporate a hygiene ritual that includes thorough and regular cleansing of the penis and genital area with a mild cleanser, being sure to feel around for any bumps or bruising. After cleansing the skin, a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) helps to not only keep the skin moisturized but strong as well. Using a crème with special nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D and E and key amino acids like L-Carnitine and L-Arginine keep the penis young, strong, and protected from nerve damage and free radicals while promoting optimum blood flow. Be sure to apply a quality crème daily for best results.


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