juillet 2019
Expert Author James Nussbaumer
Are you on the right track to achieve success? Stop for a while, take a look at the map, see the directions, consult somebody or look for assistance.
After that start your journey towards the ways to be successful with full self-confidence.
I mean do so without the tiniest doubt of being derailed.
Their tracks are entirely different from each other leading to various destinations; the location of success and the location of failure.
Either one can learn the best ways to be successful or take an incorrect track doom and gloom, but the best secret to achieve success is to keep oneself on the ideal path.
A very sharp, clear and bright picture of where you are heading is great motivation for an enthusiastic individual to remain vigilant and keep himself focused on the right path versus all odds and obstacles.
It's true that absolutely nothing can be achieved without effort, however, effort alone can not guarantee you to achieve success.
The world is full of poorly paid unskilled workers who are working hard, but not getting enough benefit.
Striving without planning is similar to taking an elevator from the middle of a multi-story structure without knowing which floor you really need to get off at.
It can take you to the leading floor or ground you in the basement.
The majority of people are not able to set goals and objectives simply due to the fact that they have no future vision, no huge dreams and no specific success strategies.
These poor, miserable people have no choice, but to follow the crowd aimlessly.
The unfortunate part of the story is that the crowd is growing larger day-by-hopeless-day without having anyone to lead them to the ideal path to achieve success.
Enjoying the Success Process
Previously I discussed how many were having fun, for example, trading penny stocks and that as a hobby were finding success.
When we can put some enjoyment into what we're chasing after being successful seems to be a result.
Due to the fact that many can not commit themselves fully to the job they are appointed to, these directionless people are lost and don't know for sure what they want.
No surprise, these people are frequently fired by their companies, remain mostly unemployed, survive on social welfare and other public assistance and charities, broke in the end and ultimately buried under heavy debt.
One must distinguish between right-minded and wrong-minded; either achieve success or settle for failure.
The Course in Miracles states, "You are the mirror of truth, in which God Himself shines in perfect light. To the ego's dark glass you say but need, 'I will not look there because I know these images are not true'."
Bringing Passion and Purpose to the Scene
Because we are not allowing the light of our passion and purpose to be in charge, far too often we as humans are filled with uncertainty of the dark.
You just need to keep inspired and keep on moving to the destination you set for yourself when you are on the path of certainty.
The desperate and dark travels through life many take are entirely different from each other leading to different destinations; to achieve success or the destination of mediocrity.
Either one can be on the ideal track to achieve success, or on the path where wealth creation is never accepted into the mind.
The millionaire secrets will help to keep you OFF the wrong-minded track, where you can never find ways to be successful in life, no matter how much effort one puts in.
Effort needs to be invested in keeping yourself inspired and continually reprogramming the subconscious when you are on the right-mindedtrack with a millionaire mindset.
(I like to suggest searching the net for more helpful material on, answering what makes someone successful, wealth creation, and uncovering the secret for financial freedom now.)
Expert Author Srinath Senapati
A monotonous mind never repels back. Same is the case of the human mind when it comes to the area of "focus". Life is a context of aiming and establishing. The provenance of the human mind was never understood, nor do its working. Humans often are lenient to the possessive side of one's expectation, rather more submissive to the laxity of it. The mind is carefree and always was. But, the basic aspects never run with this carefree tag attached to it. So, the major point is to make the mind work.
But, how can it work like that without any cognitive relevance? How focus on anything will be an honest one? How can an individual continue with a chronic mental focus to achieve the desired goal or aim? All these erotemes frequently haunt the mind of every individual, no doubt it has got focus or not. But, the mind always preaches the epitome of imaginations and experiences. We cannot deviate the mind from observation, imagination, and relocation of vital expectations that one has ever thought of. Different experiences encapsulate different inexperience and make out a relevant set of foundations. A human mind was never prone to experienced thoughts or intellectual understanding since inception, instead, they are frequent results of some inexperience. Inexperience is the key to the foundational experience. Focus comes from these spectacular blunt characteristics of mind and starts repelling each cognitive approach that the mind undergoes.
The focus is not a mere word of a pin-point projection of one's set mind or integrated thoughts. It also delivers the best experiences, that turn out to form a steady and linear focal point. The achievements related to this particular focal point is commendable in every aspect. It's highly reliable as it makes an individual a big star from itself. There is no greater happiness than self-victory, and there is no greater relaxation then self-establishment. All the side aspects of life such as friendship, love, affection for loved ones come after this. Because, the individual happiness depends on the individual success and the side aspects are just good catalysts to it, adding flavor and charm to life.
Expert Author John Dugan
A man and his penis are the best of friends. That's why when a man finds dry skin on his penile shaft, he can feel a little more than just uncomfortable; he can get anxious worrying about what's causing his delicate skin to get flaky on him. Thankfully, most causes of dry penile skin are harmless and can be easily remedied. It may take a few days, but skin can be supple and soft once again with a few tips.
Let's start with the symptoms of dry skin on the penile shaft. Obviously, the skin is dry! It may also be flaky, peeling, or cracked and rough. There can also be a loss of sensation or conversely, pain when anything comes in contact with the skin. Redness and skin darkening can also accompany dry penile skin.
Now, let's talk causes and how to deal. Here are a few of the most reported causes of dry skin on the penile shaft and how to treat them:
1) He's Got the Skinny Jeans Blues - Too tight pants, underwear, or shorts can cause chaffing, which can irritate the delicate penis skin, causing it to become dry and rough. The fix? Loosen up! Trade in the European fit for a flattering straight leg and give man's best friend a little room to breathe and hang out. This will not only reduce the friction against the groin but will also keep the area airy, which keeps the penis cool and dry.
2) Harsh, Perfumed Cleansers (aka "The Axe Effect") - Sometimes smelling six-layers-deep of Drakkar Noir isn't a good thing. Ignore the men's commercials promising various claims of attractiveness with smelly "manly" body washes. Instead, use something gentle and natural for the body and especially for delicate penile skin. Read labels and stay away from Harsh soaps containing sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), lye, polypropylene, and triclosan.
3) Allergies -- Allergies to lotions, condoms, spermicide, laundry detergents, fabrics, or other personal care products have been known to cause dry skin on the penile shaft. Companion symptoms of allergy include sneezing, a runny nose, wheezing, and watery eyes. Pop a Benadryl and wash the area with warm water. Use a topical cream if looking for immediate relief.
4) Could Be Candida - Candida, also known as yeast infections, can cause not only cause dry skin on the penile shaft but can also bring about an angry rash, swelling around the head of the penis, thick smelly discharge under the foreskin, and white patches on the skin. Don't even think about sex during this time and just urinating can be excruciating. Use an OTC anti-fungal cream on the entire affected area (see the Pharmacist for help) until all symptoms are gone. Also, declare the area a "no activity" zone until the infection is completely cleared up as well.
5) Going Dry on the Fly - Either hand solo or with a partner, prolonged intimate contact without proper lubrication can set a man up for a nasty friction burn resulting in dry penile skin. In the future - use lube! To get back to good, call a sex sabbatical and then moisturize the penis with a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). Fully of rich moisturizers and emollients like vitamin E and Shea butter, this type of cream is made to calm dry skin and repair itOther vitamins like A, C, and D are an added boon as they are known to be skin softeners and rejuvenators, helping the dry penile skin bounce back to normal quickly. All men should make this step a part of their daily hygiene habits!
Expert Author John Dugan
No man in the history of the world ever looked down and marveled at dry peeling skin on the penis in a good way. Oftentimes, dry penile skin causes anxiety and confusion. It hurts, it's red, and it's flaky. It catches on fabric, causing unbearable pain, and it definitely isn't something a man wants to show a lover. Thankfully, most causes of dryness and peeling are fairly normal and easy to remedy. Here are a few of the most reported issues and how to treat them.
1) Drying or Chemical-laden Soaps - Dry penile skin can be the result of using harsh soaps which strip the skin of their natural moisture. Harsh soaps containing ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), lye, polypropylene, and triclosan and should complete avoided. Use all-natural products or products formulated for babies when washing delicate penile skin.
2) Allergies -- Allergies to creams, condoms, spermicide, laundry detergents, certain fabrics, or other personal care products have been shown to cause dry peeling skin on the penis. Other associated symptoms of allergy include sneezing, a runny nose, wheezing, and watery eyes.
3) Chaffing - Too tight pants, underwear, or shorts can cause chaffing of the penile skin, leading to a rash and dry peeling skin on the penis. Air things out when at home via Donald Duck, that is to say, without pants. When leaving the house, wear loose, breathable fabrics to help the area heal.
4) Balanitis - More common in uncircumcised men, balanitis is a bacterial overgrowth caused either by not cleaning the head of the penis well or with frequency, or not properly rinsing off harsh soaps or cleaning agents. Treatment can include antibiotics, an antifungal cream, a steroid cream or a combination of all the above.
5) Candida - Yeast infections, also called Candida, can cause dry penile skin and also cause a rash, inflammation on the head of the penis, chunky discharge under the foreskin, and white patches on the skin. This infection makes it quite painful to have sex or urinate. Use an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream on the head of the penis (and under the foreskin if uncircumcised) until symptoms are gone. Also, abstain from masturbation and sex until the infection is completely gone. By the way, yeast infections are transmittable, so be sure to tell a partner.
6) Eczema - Eczema is a skin disease where the skin is dry, inflamed, or irritated. If it is on the penis, it's likely it's on other places on the body as well. Treat the area with an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream as directed by a pharmacist or doctor. Be sure to moisturize the area daily and after any contact with water to minimize additional drying.
7) Dermatitis - Dermatitis is a skin sensitivity to something in a man's environment which causes the skin to become angry, itchy, and dry. Avoid known irritants to avoid these issues and use a soothing cream when irritation does flare up to calm the skin and return it to normal.
8) Psoriasis - Psoriasis is a skin disease which causes red, scaly patches on the skin. See a doctor or dermatologist for diagnosis and a cortisone cream to treat the area.
9) Dry Sex or Masturbation - Excessive and sustained sexual activity without suitable lubrication can cause dry peeling skin on the penis. Prevent this from occurring by using a water-based lubricant and give the penis cool-down time to rest and repair between sessions.
10) Syphilis - Saving the worst for last, the second stage of syphilis is often accompanied by grey-to-white rashes and dry spots on the groin. See a medical provider immediately as syphilis can be deadly.
Stop Dry Peeling Skin on the Penis with Good Hygiene Habits
No matter what a man does, good genital grooming can take penis health a long way. Thoroughly cleanse the penis every day using gentle pressure and a gentle cleanser. Moisturize the penis frequently to keep it smooth and supple. Keep the genital area dry and wear breathable fabrics which discourage moisture and bacteria and opt for looser pants or properly fitted pants in lieu of tight trousers to avoid chaffing and skin irritation.
When it comes to conditioning delicate penis skin, a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) should be used. Chock-full of nutrients, vitamins, and emollients, these specialty creams that are made explicitly for the penis. Look for ingredients like vitamins A, C, D, and E, which are well-known for their skin-soothing and revitalizing properties. Be sure to purchase a product which contains natural moisturizers such as Shea butter, which repairs dry peeling skin on the penis and returns it to its smooth state.
Expert Author John Dugan
Unfortunately, decreased penile sensation is an inevitable certainty for most men. Simple aging can often lead many men to long for their erections of old: erections that stood hard and steadfast, and often were accompanied by a low refractory period between sex or solo-love. Don't believe it? Look at all of the money spent each year to reverse the loss of sensation in the penis! Cialis, Viagra, and scores of others, some more exotic in origin, are popped like Hubba Bubba in hopes that penile sensitivity returns.
What some men don't realize is there are other ways to fight decreased penile sensitivity that doesn't rely on little blue pills. Some take a simple identification of the cause to find the remedy. Let's take a look at some causes of decreased penile sensation and how to get it back.
1) Age - This is one that is hard to treat! Or is it? As men age, their bodies evolve into their next phase, generally one that is a bit slower than their exuberant youthThe blood vessels that direct blood flow in and out of the penis also grow older and slow with ageWhile age is inevitable, there are several tips to help an older man increase sensation in his penis. Stay away from food prior to sex (the body won't have to put energy toward digestion), exercise prior to sex to get the blood pumping, and one thing that's often overlooked is to enjoy sexual activity during the part of the day when more alert and energetic.
2) Low Testosterone - This is also called "Low T." Testosterone depletes as men age. This can often lead to decreased penile sensation and even numbness in the genital area. Other symptoms of low testosterone include sadness or depression, fatigue, irritability, and a reduction in muscle mass. Men who believe they have Low T should see a doctor for a diagnosis. Symptoms can often be treated with medication.
3) Excessive Masturbation - Too much friction can lead to numbnessThis is also true for men who utilize "Death Grip," an unreasonably tight compression when masturbating. This leads to loss of sensation in the penis because it can thicken the outer penile skin. Thankfully sensation can be regained if a man takes a knee on masturbation for a moderate period of time. Then when returning to self-pleasure, is gentler and uses less compression. This will not only increase his penile sensitivity but also improve sexual satisfaction with a partner.
4) Medical Issues Involving Compromised Circulation - Men who are diagnosed with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular problems can experience decreased penile sensation. The best way to regain sensation is to follow all treatment plans to the letter. That could be everything from medication to weight loss to activity to something simple such as sitting less so the genital area can experience improved circulation.
5) Nerve Damage - Diseases like diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can affect the penis in addition to other parts of the body. Both diseases are linked to neuropathy, a condition caused by nerve damage which can cause pain, burning, and numbness. A doctor can explore methods of treatment after diagnosis. However, patients should first treat the disease and then treat the symptoms.
Improve Penis Circulation and Sensitivity
In addition to the many methods of regaining sensation listed above, there is a daily way to improve penis health and sensitivity - self-massage! Now, this isn't the self-gratifying sort; this type of massage should be seen as a combination of good hygiene and self-care.
Massage the penis daily with a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to improve sensation in the penis. Not only does it feel good, but emollients like Shea butter and vitamin E helps retain the elasticity of the penile skin. Other beneficial ingredients include vitamin C, which is critical for promoting proper blood flow for strong erections and L-Carnitine to protect against peripheral nerve damage caused by friction which can lead to numbness and decreased penile sensation. Finally, a key amino acid that increases blood flow, L-Arginine, is a welcome addition to maintain firm erections.